Windows 12 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

Windows 12 release date might have been leaked recently and could arrive on computers in the coming months. Microsoft’s purported successor to Windows 11 is expected to be the next major refresh after Windows 11 was released in October 2021 with visual changes elements like the taskbar, and Windows Explorer, as well as support for widgets. It’s worth noting that Microsoft is yet to officially reveal any details of plans to launch the next version of its Windows desktop operating system.

A transcript of a recent fireside chat at the Citi 2023 Global Technology Conference reveals that Intel CFO David Zinsner might have leaked the release date for Windows 12. “We actually think ’24 is going to be a pretty good year for client, in particular, because of the Windows refresh,” the transcript quotes Zinsner as saying. Microsoft regularly issues updates and patches for its operating system, so a refresh of Windows suggests a new version is on the way.

“And we still think that the installed base is pretty old and does require a refresh and we think next year maybe the start of that, given the Windows catalyst. So, we’re optimistic about how things will play out beginning in ’24,” Zinsner adds, in response to a question about whether Intel expects its gains to continue after the company recently started to gain back market share.

It is interesting to note the timing of the Intel executive’s mention of the Windows “refresh” and “catalyst” come soon after the company unveiled its Intel Core Ultra processors that will arrive on December 14. Intel’s Meteor Lake chips, unlike their Raptor Lake predecessor, will be aimed at laptops. However, with the purported arrival of Intel’s Arrow Lake-S CPUs — with up to 24 cores — expected in 2024, Intel could have new desktop CPUs ready in time for the next version of Windows.

Intel’s new Meteor Lake chips are the first processors from the chipmaker to be equipped with a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) for improved on-device AI performance. The new chiplet design also includes the first integrated NPU AI engine. Meanwhile, the Windows 11 23H2 update is already introducing new AI features such as Windows Copilot, and Microsoft is likely to double down on the AI features and technology it is working on, if it plans to release the next version of Windows in the coming months.

The Leak: Intel’s Unintentional Revelation

Intel, a key player in the tech industry, inadvertently let slip a mention of Windows 12 in a recent presentation. The leak occurred during a conference, where a slide referencing the upcoming Windows operating system was briefly visible. While this could be a simple oversight or a placeholder, it has set the internet abuzz with speculation about the next iteration of the popular operating system.

Windows 12: A Leap or a Continuation?

The leaked information has left users wondering whether Windows 12 will mark a significant leap from its predecessor, Windows 11, or if it will follow a more incremental update path. Microsoft has been known for introducing innovative features and design changes with each major release, so the expectations for Windows 12 are understandably high.

Release Date Speculations: What We Know So Far

The leaked slide from Intel did not provide a specific release date for Windows 12, but it did hint at a timeline that suggests a potential launch in the second half of next year. However, it’s crucial to approach this information with a degree of skepticism, as plans for software releases can be subject to change based on various factors.

Features to Look Forward To

As users eagerly await official announcements from Microsoft, speculations about potential features in Windows 12 abound. Improved performance, enhanced security measures, and a more seamless integration of cloud services are among the anticipated upgrades. Users also hope for a refined user interface and compatibility improvements for a broader range of devices.

Preparing for the Transition

If the leak turns out to be accurate, businesses and individuals alike will need to prepare for the transition to Windows 12. This may involve assessing hardware compatibility, reviewing software dependencies, and planning for the migration process. Staying informed about the new features and changes in Windows 12 will be crucial for a smooth transition.

Recent leaks, reportedly stemming from Intel, have added fuel to the anticipation, leaving tech enthusiasts and users alike eager to unravel the mysteries surrounding the next version of Microsoft’s iconic operating system. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know about the rumoured Windows 12 release.

  1. The Intel Leak and Its Implications
    Intel, a cornerstone of the tech industry, unintentionally became the center of attention when a slide referencing Windows 12 made a cameo during one of their presentations. The leak has set the tech community abuzz, as enthusiasts dissect the implications and potential revelations about the upcoming operating system.
  2. Windows 12: A Paradigm Shift or Incremental Evolution?
    One of the burning questions on everyone’s mind is whether Windows 12 will usher in a revolutionary paradigm shift or if it will follow a more incremental evolutionary path. Microsoft has a history of introducing groundbreaking features with each major release, and users are eager to discern the nature of the changes that Windows 12 might bring.
  3. The Evolution from Windows 11
    With Windows 11 being the latest offering from Microsoft, the natural curiosity is about how Windows 12 will build upon its predecessor. Will it refine the design, introduce novel features, or revolutionize the user experience? Users are keen to understand the trajectory of Microsoft’s vision for its operating system.
  4. The Potential Release Timeline
    While the leak from Intel did not explicitly provide a release date for Windows 12, it did offer a tentative timeline, suggesting a launch in the second half of the upcoming year. However, seasoned tech enthusiasts understand that release timelines can be subject to change based on various factors.
  5. Anticipated Features and Enhancements
    Speculation is rife regarding the features and enhancements that Windows 12 might bring to the table. Improved performance, advanced security measures, seamless integration of cloud services, and potential design overhauls are among the expectations that users harbour as they look forward to the next iteration.
  6. Hardware and Software Compatibility
    As users prepare for a potential upgrade to Windows 12, questions about hardware and software compatibility come to the forefront. Businesses and individuals will need to assess their existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising on performance or critical software dependencies.
  7. User Interface and Experience
    The user interface is a key aspect that often undergoes transformation with each new Windows release. Users are curious about the design philosophy that Windows 12 might adopt and the potential improvements in user experience that could accompany it.
  8. Business and Enterprise Implications
    For businesses and enterprises, the release of a new operating system involves strategic planning and considerations. They need to evaluate the impact on existing workflows, potential training requirements, and the overall benefits that Windows 12 might bring to their operations.
  9. Community Expectations and Feedback
    The Windows community is a diverse and engaged group, with users actively participating in discussions and providing feedback. Microsoft will likely pay close attention to community expectations, incorporating valuable insights into the final product.
  10. Staying Informed and Official Announcements
    In the midst of the speculation and excitement, it’s essential for users to stay informed through official channels. Microsoft will undoubtedly make official announcements as the release date approaches, providing clarity and detailed insights into what users can expect from Windows 12.


As the tech world eagerly awaits official confirmations and more substantial information about Windows 12, clients are advised to stay tuned to official Microsoft communications for the latest updates. The potential release of Windows 12 addresses a technological achievement as well as a snapshot of anticipation and fervour for clients worldwide. Whether it’s a leap forward, a development, or a harmonious mix of both, the revealing of Windows 12 makes certain to make waves in the tech landscape. For more tech news visit Asktech.

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