Asktech blends technology and conventional quality control. Our objectives are to assure compliance, enhance client satisfaction, enhance risk management, and enhance agent performance.



We assist organizations in our work by assisting them in enhancing their business processes, competitive benchmarking, data visualization, and analytics.



We have created cutting-edge innovations for social media monitoring, interaction analytics, and speech analytics to increase productivity and efficiency.

Outsourcing of your complex IT challenges

Accelerating your organization’s digital trajectory has never been more important because technology is always improving. Organisations must constantly innovate and direct their strategy, implementation, and governance towards delivering quantifiable advantages to their consumers if they are to succeed. However, most contemporary businesses struggle to strike a balance between their technological and business needs.

A modern enterprise faces a number of technology challenges, including:

  • Keeping up with the rapid advancements in technology
  • Adapting technology to meet business needs
  • Recruiting and retaining top IT talent
  • Risk management and cost control
  • Cloud paradigm shift management
  • Managing the storage and recovery of data
  • Maintaining enterprise security in the face of expanding threats

After initial review and deployment, managing technology consistently and effectively while seeking to achieve business goals is a difficult undertaking, one that AskTech is aware of. Our all-inclusive global IT outsourcing services are made to assist you safeguard your business, make the most of human and technology resources, and develop by advancing procedures and skills. Our services include helping you redefine your operational processes, integrate systems, maximise automation, and develop reporting frameworks. Our services’ main goal is to give you the tools you need to manage and advance technology in a high-quality, high-service manner.

Modern cloud technology is transforming industries, thus it is crucial to optimise application performance, strengthen security protocols, and reduce online hazards. To satisfy these requirements, we’ve created our Application Management Services (AMS). We can optimise application ROI and decrease technical debt by monitoring, debugging, and administering applications in real-time thanks to the seasoned and highly qualified abilities of our AMS experts. You may expand delivery capacity, raise stakeholder satisfaction levels, and reach high levels of global scalability with AskTech’s Application Managed Services.

Plan, Transform, Evolve with AskTech.

Your company may plan for a prosperous IT-driven future, alter current processes, and develop over time by collaborating with AskTech. With the help of our professional resources and extensive global IT outsourcing services, we can support you during these three crucial phases:

  • Plan: Develops a future blueprint aimed at achieving larger business objectives.

  • Transform: Provide you with strategic guidance, proven processes, and dynamic people in order to fully utilize the capabilities of your enterprise ecosystem.
  • Evolve: Provide you with continuous feedback and assist you in leveraging structured processes for ongoing business and technology development.
  • Plans: How We Prepare You for Evolution services.

The following are the benefits of our Managed Technology Services:

  • Revenue growth of 20% for our clients on average
  • With our cloud optimization exercise, we can reduce TCO by 30%-50%
  • AskTech provides a 20%-30% reduction in overall project costs
  • An availability level of 99.999% for end-to-end

Services Provided by Our Global IT Outsourcing Company

The needs of our clients, both immediate and long-term, are catered for in our services. We deliver great value and innovation to maintain existing technology components or completely outsource your IT environment in order to achieve demonstrable performance and reliability results in a way that creates value. You won’t need to handle numerous vendors because we offer end-to-end services that are tailored to your unique needs as a whole solution provider.

Services related to managed analytics and reporting

Take advantage of business insights without investing heavily in infrastructure or human resources.

Ensure that your enterprise data is actionable by leveraging domain experts.

Enterprise application management support

Maintain and support your mission-critical ERP, CRM, and e-commerce applications.

Keep your enterprise application up-to-date and secure by keeping up with market trends.

Services for Managing Workforce Productivity

Make full use of technology in order to facilitate document sharing and management, communication and collaboration, and governance and controls from anywhere in the world.

Ensure that security and functionality are maintained at the highest level.

Services for managing the development of products

Our highly skilled QA experts can assist you with your ALM and testing requirements.

Utilize ALM and DevOps services to keep your application landscape continually effective, monitored, and optimized.

Cybersecurity managed services

Maintain continuous monitoring and protection of your applications, computing infrastructure, and network infrastructure with advanced security solutions.

Ensure the security of your enterprise.

Services managed by the cloud

Take advantage of the full potential of cloud computing without adopting a hyperscale model.

Take advantage of an elevated level of service and enhanced security.

Services for managing infrastructure

Establish a robust foundation for a highly functional, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure.

Ensure that your technology investment continues to pay dividends for years to come with the right support.

 The benefits of outsourcing

The following benefits can be derived from outsourcing.

Changing roles for IT and the need for a single trusted advisor

You may increase the capabilities of your IT organisation with the aid of AskTech.
Businesses can now develop and use technology products to accomplish their goals with the help of IT organisations.

Today, businesses expect IT teams to:

  • Managing a rapidly expanding portfolio of technologies
  • Utilize technology to drive business value.
  • Enable collaboration and cross-company communication to increase productivity
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Ensure the security of its data and implement a security program
  • Every initiative requires a framework and process that are tailored to its needs
  • Instead of controlling, enable

When your IT department is well organised, you’ll have a competitive advantage and be able to install and make great use of technology to assist your company’s operations.