IT Security Services

IT Security Services

Our skill in secure program advancement and program security affirmation makes a difference clients to create state-of-the-art secure applications, evaluate and altogether increment security levels of existing computer program solutions.

AskTech Infosystem advancement groups have been serving the security segment for decades companies, whose center competence is Application Security. This information and best hones are exchanged to our clients practices to help clients extending from new businesses to huge ventures in an assortment of businesses in ensuring the protection of their information and applications.

The advancement of secure computer programs is not only alluring, but a supreme need. Companies extending from early organized online wanders to expansive endeavors are developing progressively concerned around evaluating and guaranteeing the security of their information. Arranged layers and working frameworks are not the most security dangers, but applications.

AskTech Security Services

Building Secure Application Architecture


Ensure compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, FFIEC, SOX, HIPAA, and other regulations.


Test program for vulnerabilities and settle them


Find security holes in your Web, Cloud, Portable, IoT, or implanted software


Build a custom fitted and secure backbone


Secure applications and decrease security risks

Architecture for secure applications

Security ought to continuously be considered when making application engineering. Executing security arrangements after the application or computer program has as of now been discharged will not be of much utilize in decreasing framework vulnerabilities in a emotional way.

To superior get it security necessities, take after these steps:

1. Architecture

Describe existing architecture in detail. Break down software architecture into individual tiers

Best application architecture approach is to have multiple layers to separate various functional parts of the system into logical blocks. For example, front-end, mid-tier and data management layer. This approach allows applying different security methods and practices to each layer minimizing a threat of the breach.

2. Coding

Define and portray the existing coding practices.

Most commonly abused vulnerabilities are the result of destitute program design

development coding homes. At AskTech we use best programming strategies for each dialect matched with our thorough coordinates quality confirmation forms. This approach

Reduces the number of software bugs made amid the method and, as a result, decreases the cost of time to settle them.

3. Security

Do you have got a security affirmation approach?

The most excellent approach to guarantee appropriate application advancement is to execute a formal security and quality confirmation program. Some time recently commercial sending, all application adjustments ought to experience both computerized and manual testing.

4. Testing

How are vulnerabilities and tests conducted?

SaaS and web applications ought to be routinely tried for vulnerabilities

New highlights, server updates and application upgrades are not security risks


Ensuring Information Security

The web-based applications you create or arrange to create will most likely contain delicate client data.

Online and portable installments are on the rise, so ensuring client information has ended up progressively vital. A commerce application space requires advanced encryption and security algorithms.

HIPAA and PCI-DSS directions apply to applications that store individual data and installment information.

Data assurance amid travel and within the database has been aced by AskTech Infosystem without extra hassle.

A cloud-based application or benefit must have security. With AskTech Infosystem, you’ll provide state-of-the-art arrangements that are secure and user-friendly without compromising on functionality.