Services for Java Software Development

Services for Java Software Development

Asktech's Java Prowess:

Building Solutions From Legacy to Cloud At Asktech, Java isn’t just a language, it’s a cornerstone of our engineering DNA. We leverage its robust nature, platform independence, and vast ecosystem to craft reliable, scalable solutions that solve real-world problems.

Our Java Expertise:

• Diverse Applications: We utilize Java for web apps, mobile platforms, enterprise solutions, and beyond. Whether it’s a mission-critical backend system or a sleek consumer-facing app, Java is our trusted tool.

• Deep Framework Know-how: Spring, Hibernate, and other popular frameworks are second nature to our developers. We seamlessly integrate these frameworks to deliver efficient, maintainable code.Modernization Champions: We don’t shy away from legacy.

• Cloud-Native Focus: We embrace the cloud revolution, building future-proof Java solutions that leverage the agility and scalability of cloud platforms.

• Migrating a complex enterprise system to the cloud: We used Java to modernize the architecture and integrate with cloud services, boosting performance and scalability.

• Developing a real-time data analytics platform: We leveraged Java’s multithreading capabilities to build a high-performance platform that processes and analyzes data streams in real-time.

• Creating a secure mobile banking app: We utilized Java’s robust security features to build a secure and user-friendly mobile banking app for a leading financial institution.

Our Custom Java Development Services Include The Following:

  • Custom development of Java applications
  • Enterprise Java Applications
  • Java CMS services
  • Java/J2EE development services
  • Java-based web and mobile application development
  • Java application migration, modernization, and enhancement
  • Maintenance and support of Java applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Testing and Quality Assurance for Java
  • Integration services for Java applications

The Java Cloud Enablement Services Include The Following:

  • From scratch, development of a cloud-native Java application
  • Migrations to the cloud (on-premises, Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and hybrid clouds)
  • Developing hybrid cloud applications in Java
  • Optimisation of cloud services
  • Java applications containerised