Services for nonprofit programme development

Services for Java Software Development


The AskTech group is here to assist your nonprofit organisation in developing, rousing, or scaling. The work we do with AECF has permitted us to be a part of the mission and ventures of numerous nonprofit organisations devoted to moving forward the well-being of children. As part of our long-term association with the Association of Computing Apparatus, we offer openings for long-lasting learning and career advancement among computing analysts, teachers, and experts, as well as encouraging open interest in talks concerning imperative approaches and projects.

We will help you on a specialised level and assist you in creating, customising, and moving forward with your gathering pledges endeavours. Our arrangements incorporate gift following, CRM, archive workflows, and information insights.

Leveraging 30+ years of Best Practices

In custom software development, deployment, quality assurance, and maintenance

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

The engineering teams at AskTech are familiar with the software development lifecycle and the primary business drivers behind the products of our clients, and they possess the expertise required to enable their successful and swift development.

Teams that Feel like an Extension of your Own

We make investments in establishing specialised software development teams with common objectives and a sense of ownership that meld with clients’ business procedures, methodologies, and practises in an organic way.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Solutions

In order to enter and depart your custom software development, maintenance, and quality assurance processes at the appropriate times and with the appropriate resources, AskTech has perfected a clean, affordable solution.

Why AskTech?

Providing computer programme improvement administration to nonprofit organisations:

  • Assessment and mapping of the architecture
  • Development of the front-end
  • Design of UX and UI
  • Development of proof-of-concepts
  • Development of custom software
  • Developing portable applications
  • Service for Application Quality Assurance
  • Service-based DevOps
  • Modernization of bequest applications
  • Migration, optimisation, and upkeep of cloud computing environments
  • Support and upkeep are accessible 24×7.