DevOps Services and Solutions

DevOps Services and Solutions

DevOps Services from AskTech enable you to achieve a lesser degree of business dexterity and a quicker time to vend. Staying ahead of your competition and impressing your guests with products they really want is easy with nonstop delivery.

Assessment and strategy for DevOps

  • Estimate the maturity position of DevOps, including the culture, processes, and tools involved 
  • Inspection DevOps practices, structure, and being development channels 
  • Make an nimble metamorphosis roadmap acclimatized to your association’s needs 
  • Measure, tool, and process DevOps 
  • Establish a timeline and resource conditions for achieving business pretensions 
  • Recommend an optimal DevOps tool-chain.

DevOps Robotization

  • Produce and maintain CI/ CD channels 
  • Optimising the nonstop delivery channel operation of performances and configurations 
  • Automated operation deployment 
  • Provisioning and operation of structure 
  • Test and quality assurance robotization, robotization of the law quality control process 
  • Tracking and managing logs in a centralized manner 

DevOps Operation


In the world of Cloud DevOps, tools, platforms, and stylish practices are complex and constantly evolving. AskTech brigades remain current on the rearmost technologies, tools, robotization, and development methodologies through nonstop literacy.


Our thing is to insure a completely integrated functioning of your delivery channel robotization cycle, as well as enforcing a deployment cycle that’s adaptable to changes in the delivery channel.


Release operation, nonstop deployment, replication surroundings, new garçon setup, change operation, and performance optimisation are each carried out by us on a regular base.

DevOps as-a-Service Practice at AskTech

  • Maturity assessment of DevOps 
  •  The consulting services of a devops association 
  •  Our mates give training in DevOps 
  •  Upskilling a devops and nimble platoon 
  •  addition of the devops platoon 
  •  Stylish practices for migrations with devops 
  •  Construction and conservation of channels for CI/ CD 
  •  perpetration of devops agnostic to pall surroundings 
  •  perpetration of open source and marketable tools 
  •  QA( structure as a law) 
  •  Monitoring of operation performance 
  •  Devops processes effectiveness dimension 
  •  Automated delivery, deployment and rollbacks 
  •  x7 monitoring and support 
  •  point trustability engineering

AWS/ Google Cloud/ Azure DevOps Experts

  •  Organizational metamorphosis advisers specialising in DevOps 

  • GPs with DevOps moxie 

  • Masterminds and engineers certified in DevOps Cloud 

  • SREs/ APM specialists structure as a law/ Q/ A robotization/ Configuration operation experts

AskTech DevOps Practice Provides:


For a effortless and predictable transition to DevOps practices under AWS, Google Cloud or Azure not as a general result, but acclimatized to your specific release and deployment channel needs .



To help you release software briskly, further reliably, and more predictably, we will help you make or automate your CI/ CD channel.



You’re suitable to optimize your product armature to minimize the costs of using a pall provider of your choice.


 Our DevOps labor force and/ or backing in training your labor force to maintain DevOps once you’re over and running.

DevOps as a Service

Still, we can give the specialised chops and experience to help your platoon move to a DevOps- grounded development and delivery model, If your plan calls for including DevOps as a part of an overall pall action. We’ll work with your platoon to develop a workflow and tool chain, including nonstop integration and nonstop deployment, nonstop testing, versioning, and unity, writing the scripts needed to automate the workflow, as well as furnishing recommendations regarding performance and security. 


 AskTech can support your company’s move to CI/ CD and Agile, or restate any phase of the development life-cycle into CI/ CD and nimble.