AdTech and Marketing Technology Solutions

AdTech and Marketing Technology Solutions

AskTech is a full-service reliable AdTech and Marketing Technology software development partner with extensive experience helping clients build platforms for a variety of purposes, including purchasing and selling ads, accessing ad inventory, gaining enhanced consumer insights, and assessing the effectiveness of multiple-channel media campaigns. From disruptive startups to leading advertising and media companies, we have developed, tested and maintained world-class Online Advertising and Marketing Solutions.

Adtech and Marketing Technology State of The Art

AdTech and Marketing Technology are becoming integral parts of successful marketing strategies. Marketers and advertisers rely heavily on personalization to drive performance and, ultimately, sales. In an era where consumers are constantly switching between marketing channels and channels of interaction, it may be difficult to cut through the noise and provide relevant personalized experiences at every touch point of the consumer journey.

The sophisticated consumer journey is causing companies to transform digitally in order to reach and delight their customers at the appropriate time on the right device and through the appropriate channel. As a result of in-depth consumer behavior insights and predictive analytics, AdTech and Marketing Technology are becoming facilitators of consumer data-driven marketing to help organizations increase ad effectiveness and lift and achieve a higher return on marketing investments.

Custom AdTech Solutions Expertise

  • Expertise in custom AdTech solutions

  • Developing Supply-side Platforms (SSPs)

  • Development of Demand-Side Platforms (DSP)

  • Platforms for managing data (DMPs)

  • Solutions for predictive analytics

  • Solutions for targeting and retargeting

  • Ad-serving on a dynamic basis

  • Platforms for programmatic advertising and real-time bidding

  • Providing 360-degree solutions for the consumer journey

  • Expertise in custom marketing solutions
  • Platforms for marketing analytics
  • Solutions for predictive analytics
  • Software for marketing automation
  • Platforms for managing social media
  • Referral and loyalty platforms
  • An engine for personalization
  • Recommendation engines tailored to your needs
  • Reporting and data visualization for campaigns
  • Custom software development of Banking and Financial Services