Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services


Digital transformation is a trip, not a destination you need a strategy.

Our educated platoon can help you take advantage of new technologies and reap the benefits of being a digital enterprise.

Our Digital Transformation Practice combines decades of experience converting heritage systems into slice- edge architectural surroundings. Data- driven approaches to digital services delivery, breaking down internal silos, moving and perfecting operations in the pall, and accelerating custom software development processes are among our specialties. Deliver new client gets , redesign business models, and ameliorate functional effectiveness with AskTech. We snappily realize your vision in a secure, dependable, and scalable manner.

How Can AskTech Help?

Improve Business
Improve Business Agility

Get the most out of the digital frugality, ameliorate business performance,  and accelerate growth  Innovation can be achieved by moving to the pall and enforcing DevOps practices. With Advanced Analytics and Reporting, you can gain better sapience into your business and consumers. We work with you to make your technology backbone and business more nimble, scalable, and effective in addressing presto- changing business demands.

Transfigure Digital  Gests
Transform Digital Experiences

Run a successful business by furnishing hyperactive- individualized gets to your guests  Using the rearmost technology advances, we can produce customized omni channel juggernauts  AI, Machine literacy, 360- degree consumer trip analytics, VR, and IoT. We help guests in structure and launching real- time consumer perceptive platforms to capture critical information, develop and apply AI- driven recommendation and customization machines, prognosticate consumer gestate  , identify high- value client parts, and drive product and service strategies that are largely applicable to the company’s guests by developing and planting AI- driven recommendation and customization machines.

Increase Functional Optimize
Increase Operational Efficiency

Workflows and processes should be streamlined to ameliorate business operations  Quality, security, and client experience without compromising profitability. 

Reduce total cost of power by moving to the pall, restate internal data 

Apply process robotization, increase speed, and gain meaningful business perceptive

As a result of enforcing DevOps, the quality of the releases will be bettered.

Monetize Your Data
Monetize Your Data

Enhance your business planning and operations by using your data requests are being opened, earnings are being increased, and consumer gests are being bettered. From ETL and Data Integration to Cloud Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence platforms, we’ve the chops and moxie to help guests monetize their data in order to enhance customer immolation, optimize internal operations, and induce new profit aqueducts. From SMBs to enterprises, digital metamorphosis is unnaturally changing business. moment, it’s how businesses keep up with change. In 11 out of 15 diligence, Digital Transformation is now a top three precedence. According to estimates, 90 of business invention will be pall- grounded by 2022 as every assiduity becomes a digital assiduity due to software- driven inventions and multi-device relinquishment.

The exponential growth and variety of data associations collect creates new openings to optimize operations, produce individualized consumer gests , and launch new business models. Decreasingly, digital metamorphosis is enabling monetization of data, cost optimization, and business dexterity.

Why AskTech?

We snappily respond to your vision, and we realize it on a Secure, Reliable, and Scalable base.


Enterprise surroundings that are effective and scalable


 A proven track record of successfully integrating multiple silos into enterprise results acclimatized to meet the unique requirements of guests.


We’re nimble at our core. Adherence to distributed 

 The nimble methodology ensures tight integration with 

 The platoon, business processes, and delivery schedule of the customer


Continual training, development, and instrument of AskTech masterminds in ultramodern technologies and fabrics


Algorithms masterminds professed in erecting AI algorithms and business intelligence platforms


DevOps- as-a-Service practice helps guests automate and minimize software releases  replication

Digital Transformation Services

Introduce | Optimize | Automate

  •  Streamlining heritage operations 
  •  Migration and ennoblement of the cloud 
  •  Engineering of greenfield shadows 
  •  DevOps and robotization services 
  •  Warehousing of big data 
  •  results for Business Intelligence 
  •  Analytical Prediction

Modernize Your Core Application

Legacy applications have become one of the biggest impediments to business agility and ability to compete in today’s digital economy. numerous companies struggle with profit losses and functional inefficiencies due to limitations in workflow robotization, deteriorating stoner gets , lack of real- time analytics and reporting, and incapability to integrate with arising technologies. Containerizing and Moving heritage operations to the pall offers several business-critical benefits 

  • Functional and technology cost reduction 
  • Advanced business dexterity 
  • Enhanced platoon collaboration and increased performance 
  • Advanced software compliance 
  • More security

AskTech has been contemporising and converting heritage systems into ultramodern, scalable and secure results. In the digital period. pall offers a superior occasion to achieve faster time to vend; release stable, secure, and scalable products more frequently to acclimatize to snappily changing client demands; influence data implicit to produce substantiated gests and ameliorate business performance criteria . Moving being heritage structure or separate charge-critical operations to the Cloud by using being open source tools.

Future Proof your Business-Critical Applications with Cloud-Agnostic Solutions

Cloud is a crucial pillar of any Digital Transformation Trip. 

It provides scale and speed that’s needed for an association to concentrate on metamorphosis. Whether you choose AWS, Google, Azure or mongrel pall, AskTech will assess business conditions and plan a prophetic move to the pall acclimatized to your technology needs, business pretensions and budgets.

There’re numerous approaches to pall migration. One of the most popular, “ Lift and Shift ”, in numerous cases has proven to be veritably expensive and hamstrung for associations with complex architectural surroundings and third- party integrations. On the other hand, a full refactoring might turn into a lengthy, precious, and gratuitous bid. AskTech “ Move and Ameliorate ” approach to pall migration allows us to work important open source tools to prize the most value for your business by furnishing scalability and security while staying within budget by assessing your being structure and operations, and developing a customized migration plan grounded on particular operation technology and armature.

Still, an easy way to come pall- agnostic is by exercising open source holders and vessel operation tools like Docker or Kubernetes, If you’re concerned about pall cinch- heft. operation containerization offers control and deployment dexterity with the option to run across on- demesne, private or public shadows. In some cases, the complexity of heritage systems and adherence to strict non supervisory conditions are two crucial factors that make a complete move to public pall services unfeasible. In this case, mongrel pall is a great result to not only reap the benefits of slice- edge technology but also continue exercising heritage system factors that are charge-critical to the association.

Agile DevOps Services

Digital Transformation is hard to achieve without a solid structure robotization foundation and close collaboration between brigades. Pairing pall with DevOps allows associations to speed the pace of invention and better respond to nonstop change in request conditions and evolving client demands. DevOps helps to enable rapid-fire prototyping and briskly, more stable software and services delivery. Whether you need to apply one area of DevOps or looking for a turn- crucial DevOps- as-a-Service mate, AskTech has necessary chops and moxie to help your platoon apply DevOps practices from defining workflows and tools, scripting, performance optimization, process robotization, nonstop testing to CI/ CD perpetration.

Monetize Your Data: Business Intelligence and Analytics Services

Business Intelligence and Analytics Services

Data has come an decreasingly precious asset for businesses, but many are maximizing its profit eventuality. The maturity of companies have access to a variety of data points relating to their operations, hookups, guests, and challengers. Data perceptive picked from a variety of being sources can be helpful in developing new profit aqueducts and defining overall business strategies, as well as delivering the gests guests anticipate. 

Numerous associations are still developing their data monetization strategies, but exploration shows that assiduity disruptions and top players are using available data to acclimatize to request changes, develop new business models, add new product features, and vend data- grounded products and services directly. 

AskTech Business Intelligence and Analytics experts will develop and apply a data strategy that’s unique to your association’s requirements and objects. With our backing, you’ll be suitable to decide practicable perceptive that are essential to your business success, organizational dexterity, and competitive advantage.


Data warehousing for big data. birth, conversion, and normalization of data. 

Clean, clear, and practicable data feeds.


Convert disorganized consumer, business, and functional data into practicable perceptivity and comprehensive reports.


Prophetic analytics, real- time personalization, and soothsaying.