AI and Machine Learning Services

AI and Machine Learning Services

To provide quantitative and customised solutions to data-intensive problems, we look beyond the hype surrounding AI and Machine Learning. In addition to providing companies with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services, AskTech provides consumer intelligence and seamless consumer journey solutions, improves operational efficiency, develops innovative solutions to disrupt existing workflows and business processes, and develops applications designed to discover hidden data value, monetize data, and provide consumer intelligence.

AI and Machine Learning Services

To maximize the potential of artificial intelligence, we focus on assessing realistic problems and developing solutions that accelerate the transformation of businesses.

Process Automation

The Concept of Business Intelligence (BI)

Models of Analytical Prediction

Behaviour Analysis of Consumers

A System for Making Recommendations

Providing Solutions for The Management of Decisions

Automated Solutions

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Solutions Tailored To Your Specific Business Needs

AskTech believes that every business is unique and that one solution does not fit all. We work with clients to analyze the problem and requirements, to gain a detailed understanding of their business processes and challenges in order to develop an AI implementation strategy that is efficient and cost-effective. We strive to provide full-cycle AI and machine learning software development services and to work seamlessly with your in-house team at any stage of the project.

Client Spotlight

The Client is a pharmaceutical company with over 100 people that is committed to discovering cures, prevention measures, and treatments for some of the most complicated and incapacitating diseases of the modern day. It requires a licenced pathologist and costs a lot of money and time to practise histology to assess disease activity. The Client was interested in exploring the potential of establishing an AI-based proof-of-concept solution to autonomously analyse IBD histopathology photographs and diagnose UC and CD activity with the aforementioned accuracy of a qualified practitioner.

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