Support Services & Application Maintenance

Support Services & Application Maintenance


You can free up your platoon to concentrate on other business-critical enterprise by outsourcing your operation support and conservation. AskTech conservation and support brigades integrate seamlessly with guests’ development and support practices to insure a smooth, scalable, and trouble-free operation operation.

 Why AskTech Infosystem?

  • Access to a platoon of educated masterminds 
  •  furnishing individualized service by knowledgeable support labor force 
  •  We guarantee a timely response to all inquiries 
  •  give inflexibility in channel selection(e.g., phone,e-mail, instant runner,etc.). 
  •  Ongoing bug fixes and troubleshooting 
  •  Patch deployments and upgrades 
  •  Support options at categories 1, 2 and 3 
  •  Integration of unique customer business and support practices 
  •  Transfer of knowledge that’s smooth and rapid-fire 
  •  Capability to support and maintain both ultramodern and heritage operations

 Services for Operation Conservation


We identify and correct software design crimes, logical and rendering crimes, bugs, and blights in order to increase the stability of your system, the thickness of software operation, and your guests' satisfaction.


We'll help you in delivering value to stakeholders and perfecting your request position by developing and planting new features and conforming your software to meet the changing requirements of your business and guests.


Our services include re-engineering your operation to accommodate changing stoner conditions, enhancing system functionality, and perfecting the performance and effectiveness of your operation.


Our services insure that your operation is secure and stable, minimize time-out, and ameliorate software maintainability by restructuring and optimizing the law, streamlining attestation, and performing security checkups.

Software Support Services

Continuous learning

Positions Help office calls and emails, provides introductory support, provides real- time troubleshooting(e.g., word resets, break/ fix instructions), routes tickets for Position 2 and Position 3 support, and escalates tickets as necessary. L1 will admit outside seller backing and conservation when necessary. The position 1 labor force collect and dissect information about the druggies’ issues in order to determine the stylish course of action. position 1 masterminds also give support for configuration results that have been preliminarily resolved and proved by Position 2 and Position 3 masterminds.

Continuous Integration

Specialised specialists with experience and knowledge who give backing to Position 1 labour force with specialised problems. In addition to probing the issues raised, they check for given results to complex issues. These masterminds are particularly professed at resolving and precluding issues related to general IT structure( troubleshooting, configuration, and database administration). In addition, they give support to Position 3 masterminds in complex cases. L2 masterminds are responsible for handling issues escalated from L1. When necessary, position 2 will escalate to position 3.

Continuous Delivery

 We’ve a platoon of expert Operations and CPE specialists who handle the most complex problems. L3 masterminds help L1 and L2 masterminds with complex, multifaceted problems as well as critical issues taking immediate attention. In addition, they conduct exploration and develop results to new problems.

24×7 System Monitoring

The AskTech platform provides 24/7 conservation, support, and monitoring of your core operations, tackle, and overall system performance to insure your system is always up and running. In order to help garçon failures, memory overloads, or overfilled workstations, the support platoon is incontinently advised when your system crosses the defined thresholds.

  •  Monitoring of an operation 
  •  Garçon monitoring 
  •  Network and remote connectivity operation 
  •  Event log operation 
  •  Provisory & recovery