Personalized Software Development for Startups

Personalized Software Development for Startups



With AskTech’s custom software development services, startups can transform ideas into reality

Innovative, reliable, scalable, and market-ready solutions. Entrepreneurs and startups face a variety of challenges. With our flexible engagement models, we help our clients speed up their time to market, deliver stellar Proof-Of-Concept and MVP solutions on time and on budget, develop new product features, and support and maintain their applications.

Making good ideas into great products

Our business models are very flexible in adapting to the needs of startups, and we are very familiar with the challenges that startups and entrepreneurs face. As part of our extensive expertise in transforming your ideas into great products.

We offer a full-cycle application development service, including:

  • The assessment, the roadmap, and the design of the software architecture
  • Prototyping and Proof-of-Concept development services
  • Design and development of MVPs
  • Services related to the front-end, user interface and user experience
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Engineering and optimization of the cloud
  • Services related to DevOps
  • Solutions for analytics and big data
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Quality assurance, testing, and test automation for software
  • Support and maintenance on a 24×7 basis

We work with startups at all stages of their development


AskTech has been a development partner of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) for the past two years. A small grant has enabled us to engage with companies such as Rescuer and OKN Vision Testing. The AskTech-developed eHealth mobile application Rescuer won the Upend AppItUP competition.


The company has bootstrapped a number of its clients, including College Interactive, an iPhone application connecting prospective students with university admission offices, Huddle Up Hub, a Net Promoter Score-based employee feedback platform, and Room Bridge, a solution to help students locate housing near their schools.


Angel funding has been provided to some of our startup clients, including Worth Worm, a per-money valuation tool, and Invoke, a large-scale focus group solution.


As a result of the growing interest on the investor side in innovative digital health offerings, companies such as Intervention Insights and MDLIve have received venture capital funding. Rally point, also known as “LinkedIn for the Military”, has recently received Series A funding of $5 million and continues to work with AskTech on enhancing its professional network.

A number of our clients, such as Vlingo, Sermon, and NexTag, have been acquired by large corporations. It has been our pleasure to work with them for many years, and our dedicated software development and quality assurance teams continue to do so, even though they are now a part of Nuance, World One, and Millennial Media, respectively.

Models of Flexible engagement

Our team works with you and your team to determine the best engagement strategy for your startup. We are well aware of the critical milestones that must be achieved in order to proceed to the next stage of growth. Using contemporary Agile practices, we are able to accomplish development goals in a timely manner, delivering market-ready solutions to our clients.

The following are the AskTech flexible engagement models:
  • Price fixed
  • M&T
  • Contracts of Retainer
  • Hybrid Engagements