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School ERP is a cutting-edge, all-inclusive software solution for school automation that works with virtually any institution of higher learning, from admission to exit, fee collecting to exam results. It has eight built-in users, including a Super Admin, Admin,Accountant,Teacher,Receptionist, Librarian, Parent, and Student panel, and more than 40 modules.


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School ERP is a modern and comprehensive school automation software that can be used in practically any school or educational institution, from student entrance to student departure, from money collecting to exam results. It comes with 40+ modules and an 8-user panel (Super Admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent, and Student).

The Multi Branch addon is now available at Asktech  You must acquire the Multi Branch addon separately from Asktech in order to utilise it with School ERP.

The School ERP Behaviour Records addon is now available at Asktech . To utilize the Behavior Records addon with School ERP, you must first purchase it from Asktech.

The Two Factor Authentication addon is now available at Asktech . To utilise the Two Factor Authentication addon with School ERP, you must purchase it separately from Asktech.

The School ERP Online Course addon is now available at Asktech. You must purchase the Online Course addon separately from Asktech in order to utilise it with School ERP.

The Google Gmeet Live Class addon is now available at Asktech. Gmeet Live Class addon for School ERP must be purchased separately from Asktech. login School ERP with Google Gmeet Live Class addon demo

School ERP demo

Top Key Features

Student Admission

Effective student admission form Add 40+ records for each kid, including past school information. To keep a thorough record in the student profile, add student siblings, RTE, IDs, and multiple documents.

Fees Collection

The most powerful fee collection module accessible on Not only invoicing, but also fee type, fee groups, fee master, fee fine, due date, and so on.

Fees/Discount Allotment

Fees and discount allocation are based on more than five different parameters. Fees might be assigned to an entire class section or to a single student.

Student Categories

Students in a class section are classified according to several characteristics such as caste, skill ability, and so on.

School Expense

Record school expenses such as electricity bills, phone bills, and so on.


Complete examination management, from exam creation to exam scheduling to mark entry to progress report with grades.

Marks Register

Enter exam grades for students who attended the exam.

Class/Grade & Section

Add any number of classes/grades and any number of sections all at once.

Assign Subjects

Assign a subject and a subject teacher to a class section.

Download Center

Manage downloadable content for students and teachers, such as syllabuses, assignments, and study materials.

Promote Students

Students are promoted to the next academic session based on their grades and whether they continue or leave school.

Fees Discount

Create fees discounts such as staff child, sibling discount, early entrance discount, and so on.

Collect Fees

A cutting-edge collect fees page that provides complete information on student fees standing.

Add Siblings

Smart schools allow for the addition of any number of siblings at the time of student acceptance. A parent can check on all of their children from a single parent account.

Search Students

Search by Class Section or any keyword such as student name, admission number, parent name, or id number.

Profile System

Edit profile settings as you wish

Student Attendance

Manage student attendance smartly in few clicks. Get attendance report monthly class-section wise

Exam Schedule

Exams should be scheduled with a start/end time, exam room, full marks, and passing grades.

Marks Grade

range of markings to add grading based on marks


Add subjects with subject codes and choose whether they are theoretical or practical.

Class Timetable

Create a subject-specific class-section timetable for the entire week, including subject period start/end times and class room numbers.

Library Management

Complete library administration system includes book addition, member addition, and book issue/return.

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