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Benefits of AWS and How we can help you to make your solution over it.

AWS: Amazon Web Services, is a top-rated and good cloud service provider with 200+ services that include:




Networking and Content Delivery.


Machine Learning.

Security, Identity, and Compliance.

Benefits of using AWS:

AWS provides you to manage your application very efficiently and the managed services by AWS, let you concentrate on your application optimization and features development and all infra. operations handled by AWS itself.

It is very reliable in terms of services and at the service level, it provides various options so that you can control your application very well.

However, it’s not possible to discuss all services so here we will discuss the widely used common scenarios and services used under this.

Compute Services

Website hosting or any small backend or even big application hosting on the servers: it’s desirable to get almost 100% uptime with high availability of your application to give the best user experience to your customer. This is easily achievable by EC2: Elastic Cloud Compute service by AWS and also done by AWS light sail service. it’s a very cost-effective and smooth service as servers are provided by AWS.

And We as a software and cloud solutions provider have expertise in web development and deployment on AWS.

The biggest advantage of AWS is, it charges you for your usage only, and the pay-as-you-go pricing model makes it very cost-effective over other old approaches of the cloud.

We have many features along with EC2, we have full control over security with the help of Security Groups features that can control inbound and outbound traffic and Port control over the server.

we can assign dedicated IPs to the instances via the Elastic IP feature.

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Another interesting service under computing under EC2 is ALB: Application Load Balancer.

with the help of ALB, you can distribute the load among many ec2 instances and give the optimized performance of your application with enhanced user experience.

Storage Services

In Storage services, we have AWS S3: Simple Storage Service.

There are many benefits of using S3:

  1. Storage of objects up to 5TB.
  2. Cheaper.
  3. Host static website on S3.
  4. Interrelated with many other services for storage of logs and other objects as per use case.


There are a wide variety of databases AWS is providing in manual and in managed mode.

High availability

Security and Encryption

Automatic Backups

Optimized Restoration

Wide range of configurations

We have a good hold on AWS services and host your solution on the cloud and save your business cost.