Automated Attendance System

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Automated Atendance System.

The automated attendance system is meant for security and ease in marking the attendance of the users. It is a complete ecosystem for automated attendance marking for any institution. It is equipped with smart functionalities that there is no human intervention is required, it is a fully automated system with smart RFID and GPRS Circuitry to send data to the servers.

one of the key features of this solution is the live GPS tracking, you can track your Users/Employee/Staff/Students in real-time with our smart GPS tracking chip that will be equipped in the vehicle and give you the live tracking and entry, exit logs in the vehicle.

Automted attendance marking through RFID Gates.

It is very simple and easy to understand, you have just walkthrough from our installed RFID gates with your ID cards with you, Your attendance will be marked.

We have covered each corner scenario in this entire journey of development, our is more robust and reliable as compare to other attendance marking solutions present in the market.