ERP for Business Management Systems

Saksham ERP is self-hosted Customer Relationship Management software that is ideal for practically any corporation, freelancer, or a variety of other applications. Saksham ERP’s clean and modern design can make you appear more professional to your customers while also improving business effectiveness.


Saksham ERP focuse on customers with a comprehensive support system that helps you track and resolve issues fast via the integrated ticket system and customer reminders. Assign reminders to yourself, one or more staff members, and have them sent to email and the in-app notification system with a single click. These and other features can boost consumer satisfaction to new heights.

Saksham ERP includes numerous features that are tailored to a variety of applications. Read more about the features below and check the demo to see how Saksham ERP can help you succeed.

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Saksham ERP is a modern and comprehensive Business automation software that can be used in practically any Business, from customers


With the robust Project Management Feature, you can manage and invoice projects.Track time spent on projects and bill your customers. Ability to allocate numerous staff members to tasks and track timers per assigned staff.


Create professional-looking invoices. Attach files and email them to your clients immediately, including the invoice PDF. The ability to create recurring bills


Our excellent Stripe Subscriptions feature allows you to bill your customers more quickly. Create a subscription, deliver it to our customer, and let Saksham ERP and Stripe do the rest.


Estimates can be generated in minutes. Send to your consumers and await their acceptance. After the customer accepts, the estimate can be automatically converted to an invoice. Your consumers can view and act on the estimate even if they are not logged in.


Make visually appealing proposals to impress potential clients or customers. Using the sophisticated editor, you may include images, tables, items, and YouTube videos. Negotiation was allowed in proposal comments.


Making regular expenditures. Set up a recurring expense, and the expense will be created automatically after the selected time period. The time span could be measured in days, weeks, months, or years. Capability to bill expenses to consumers or specific projects.


Record and receive payments in many currencies. The consumer received an auto-generated PDF. Partial payments can be added to invoices.


Keep track of leads in one spot and conveniently track their growth. Ability to auto-import leads from email, add notes, build proposals, and attach files. Organist your leads into stages and simply switch between them using drag and drop.


The Saksham ERP Web to Lead functionality allows you to create a web form based on lead fields and custom fields and embed it as an iframe on your website, landing page, etc. Visitors can then submit their names, email addresses, upload files, and other basic information to build a lead straight in the ERP.


Excellent support system that allows you to track and handle issues fast by auto-opening tickets from email, inserting knowledge base links, and adding predetermined responses.


Have a comprehensive picture of all your company's events, including forthcoming invoice payments, contract expiration, estimate expiration, task completion dates, and reminders. You'll never forget anything on the calendar!


You can add custom fields to PDF for invoices, payments, estimations, or proposals, among other capabilities. Configure to match your needs. The ability to display on the customer portal or table.


Assign tasks to numerous employees, add followers, and attach files. Allow your employees to remark on tasks and upload files. Tasks can be linked to almost any key characteristic.


Create knowledge base articles and organise them into groups. Help your customers and earn their trust.


Use the Contracts tool to lock in existing and future sales. Simply build a contract PDF and email it to the customer.


Create reports and get a complete picture of everything. Keep track of your income vs. expenses and lead conversions. A knowledge base report is supplied.


To keep track of sales targets, use the Goals tracking function. Capability to alert staff members of failure or success


To boost productivity, each staff member has their own personal to-do list. Drag and drop to easily alter todo status.


The consumer area is completely distinct from the administration section. Each customer gets their own portal via which they can access all financial data from your firm.

Customer management is critical, and Saksham ERP assists in various ways:

  • The robust Project Management Feature allows you to manage and invoice projects.
  • Stay organized by connecting tasks to several Saksham ERP features.
  • Create professional-looking estimates and invoices.
  • A robust support system with the option to auto-import tickets.
  • Track time spent on projects and bill your customers. Ability to allocate numerous staff members to tasks and track timers per assigned staff.
  • Add task followers even if the staff member is not a project member. The staff member will be able to track the task’s progress without gaining access to the project.
  • Keep track of leads in one spot and track their progress conveniently. Auto-import leads from email, add notes, and generate proposals. Organist your leads in stages and effortlessly switch between them using drag and drop.
  • Increase sales by creating attractive proposals for leads or customers.
  • Records your company/project expenses and allows you to bill your clients and automatically convert to invoices.
  • With effective ERP, you can learn more about your consumers.
  • Increase customer retention by using built-in surveys.
  • To keep track of sales targets, use the Goals Tracking tool.
  • Make announcements for your employees and customers.
  • Contracts can be used to lock in existing and future sales.
  • Custom fields can be used to store additional information for customers, leads, and others.
  • Receive payments in many currencies from PayPal and Stripe.
  • There are numerous adjustable settings.
  • The strong theme styling function allows you to customize the ERP to match your company’s logo.
  • Non-admin staff members can operate inside the ERP and organist their uploads and files in a separate media folder.
  • Beautiful calendars for each staff member dependent on permissions.
  • Follow-ups, reports, notes, files, and many other capabilities are available.

More Features


Send a proposal to leads or clients and wait for feedback. Any gadget can accept a proposal.


Ability to generate estimates and automatically convert to invoices following acceptance


Drag and drop to easily rearrange menu items and remove superfluous functionality.


Saksham ERP monitors timers for multiple task assigners.


Copy tasks quickly with all task data, including assigners, followers, checklist items, and attachments.


It has never been easier to customize the colors to match your brand. There is also the option of include a cs-tom.CSS file in the system to ensure perfect styling.


You can use filters to see total logged time by project and by staff person to get a detailed picture of the time logged for each task.


Create project milestones and organise your responsibilities to ensure a smooth project process.


Manage your customers and their contacts easily, create many contacts for your customers, and set appropriate permissions. The customer area is completely distinct from the administration section. Clients get access to their own client portal, which displays all financial data from your organization.


Saksham ERP helps you to keep track of your invoices, items, and generate reports. Add new currencies; utilizing multiple currencies is permitted by the previously configured customer currency. Invoice with varied taxes based on the item.

Recurring Invoices

Create recurring invoices that will be re-created automatically without your intervention, based on the set period for the recurring invoice. The time span could be days, weeks, months, or years.

Recurring Expenses

Making reoccurring expenses. Set up a recurring expense, and it will be recreated after the given time period. The time period could be days, weeks, months, or years.


Create an estimate in a minute, send it to your customers and wait for them to accept it, add notes for better organization of your future steps, and set reminders. After the consumer accepts the estimate, it can be converted automatically to an invoice.


Increase revenue by creating appealing proposals for leads or consumers. Receive notifications when a proposal is accepted or refused, and automatically send a thank you email to your customer after accepting the proposal. Proposal late notice before X days available.

Online Payments

We accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Authorize.net, 2Checkout, PayU Money, and Braintree, and have established payment gateways that are available in the majority of countries.


Manage projects and measure time spent on projects for each staff member. Record project expenses and invoices to bill clients more quickly. Professional Gantt Charts are available for each project and team person.


Create project milestones and track time spent on each one. The ability to drag & drop tasks between milestones.


Leads or potential clients are crucial components of any business. Every business strives to generate new leads on a daily basis. It is very common for a potential client to contact and request a certain service that your firm provides, only to have this request forgotten. You will never forget your potential clients with Saksham ERP, and you will be able to handle them all in one spot. Keep track of leads in one spot and track their progress conveniently. Auto-import leads from email, add notes, and generate proposals. Organist your leads in stages and effortlessly switch between them using drag and drop. Auto import leads from emails and web forms, as well as import leads from.There is a CSV file supplied.

Web to Lead Forms

Create as many web to lead forms as you like and embed them in your landing page or website. This feature allows you to import leads from a form into Saksham ERP. Use web to lead forms to collect information from potential clients and allow them to get quotes directly from your website.


You can create new contracts based on your clientele. Adding contracts is quite straightforward; you can define start and end dates and get a clear picture of all your firm contracts in one spot. You will no longer need to look through your desk documents. Saksham ERP allows you to create PDF contracts and send them to your customers. Contract late reminders are offered.


Excellent support ticket system with auto response, private ticket staff notes, ticket assignments, attachments, predefined ticket replies, insert knowledge base link, ticket priorities, and ticket statuses. A feature for automatically importing tickets via Email Forwarder/IMAP is offered. Allow your customers to respond and create new tickets via email rather than logging into the client site.


Assign your employees to specific departments and have the ability to auto-import tickets based on department email.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be used to hold additional information for customers, leads, tickets, invoices, companies, and estimates, among other things.

Staff Reminders

Set up staff reminders for each staff member, with the ability to alert through email and built-in. Important features have reminders.


Make private or public gatherings. Receive built-in and email notifications when an event is approaching.

Easily re-organize admin menu

You can reorganize the admin main menu and the setup menu in a matter of seconds by logging in to your admin area. No coding is required. Add/Remove icons as needed.

Staff Roles & Permissions

You can specify what employees can and cannot do. Role permissions can be overridden for each member of staff.

Goals Tracking

Set goals and keep track of your progress. Use the Goals Tracking function to keep track of your sales targets.

Personal Todo

Every staff member can have their own personal todo dashboard, which allows them to conveniently organist their work.


Manage all of your employees from one location.

Company Newsfeed

Share exciting company events, upload documents, and facilitate employee interactions.

Staff Tasks

Tasks can be assigned to many employees, task followers can be added, task comments are allowed, and task attachments are allowed. Stay organized by connecting tasks to several Saksham ERP features.

Recurring Tasks

Create tasks that will be created automatically for a specified time period.


With a single click, you may create surveys. Send emails to employees, leads, clients, or manually built mailing lists. Boost customer retention with built-in surveys.


Expenses Report
Reports by customer
Custom date picker
Leads Conversions
Knowledge base articles(Track whether your content is valuable to clients and update language depending on votes.)

Knowledge Base

Add knowledge base articles from the text editor. “Did you find this article useful?” The customer area now includes a vote.

Auto Backup Database

Set up an automatic backup database every X days to avoid losing crucial data.

Sensitive data is encrypted

Saksham ERP encrypts every sensitive data in the database using a unique encryption key. Email passwords, API keys, API passwords, and other sensitive data are encrypted.

Server Side Data tables

Saksham ERP perfectly handles huge databases by utilizing server side data tables.


Saksham ERP is completely responsive. You may quickly access your data by mobile or tablet.

Google reCaptcha

Google reCaptcha is available for admin login, customer login, and customer register areas.

Activity Log

Keep track of all staff activities. Adding new things, creating new ones, and deleting old ones.

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