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Biometric Attendance Solutions.

  • Convert your old attendance system to advanced biometric system.
  • Keep Track of your employee/users activities
  • Centralized Monitoring system to help you to keep track of users.
  • Control various tasks with biometric system.
  • Enhance security of your premises.
  • Helps you in reducing cost and easy management.

Biometric attendance machine captures your distinctive biological/physical feature like your hand or finger print, iris pattern and generally even your voice as a record for biometric identification and permits you to perform one thing that you just are approved to try to to. Biometric time group action machines conjointly count employees’ work schedules, like that worker did what, and at what time did he left, etc. The biometric group action system may be a foolproof technology to make sure the accuracy of attendance and is beneficial to those agencies upset the sizable amount of workers..