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    VAS Support

    The focus of Ask Technologies is to work as enabler for delivering the applications, content, information and intelligent transactions to consumers. Ask Technologies works towards innovation in new generation mobile arena and is recognized for its product ingenuity, technology platform robustness, business responsiveness and flexibility.

    We offer smart solutions to Enterprises using mobile as a medium for communicating with their customers and enabling business processes We engage in development and operation of Mobile AppStore, Mobile middleware platform, Mobile applications, building up scalable backend servers and billing platform

    We have the widest deployment of applications on Mobile platform. Ask Technologies product solutions are designed to enhance the business performance of mobile service providers by enhancing customer experience, enabling revenue acceleration and cost rationalization We focus on mobile platform operation and internet service related mobile applications. The company offers solutions to enterprises using mobile as a medium for communicating with their customers and engages in the development and operation of a mobile app store, mobile middleware platform and mobile apps, among others.

    Ask Technologies delivers mobile content to millions of mobile consumers. It includes the preloading of APP, WAP, GAMES and VAS to the end user for both feature & smart phones for Indian OEM's. Our deep understanding of customer needs and continual analysis of performance ensures greater customer satisfaction and delivers strong revenue growth..